the time has come, the walrus said….
Sadly, this will be the last post on The Cru.

My journey into the world of wine over the last 5 years has been memorable to say the least.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on The Cru throughout the years – much appreciated and a toast to all of you! You’ve made the journey extra special!

The decision to move on is in part due to the demands of a new job but it is mainly attributable to the fact that, whilst I still love wine and enjoy it immeasurably, I just don’t have the inclination to write about it any more. Sad but true.

I wish you all many more days, nights, weeks, months and years of glorious wine drinking!

Until we meet again…cheers!

Happy New Years

To all the wine perves out there have a fantastic night and all the best for the year of 2012!

The wine perk

The Cru is Five Years Old!

Today is The Cru’s fifth birthday and to celebrate I’m giving away a case of Belfield Wine and an Under the Influence Wine Tasting to one lucky reader!

All you have to do is follow me on twitter, retweet the birthday tweet and/or leave a comment below!

I can’t believe it’s been five years already – time flies.

Thank you all for joining me on this wine journey – here’s to five more years together.

Bar Bar Black Sheep, have you any food?

bar-bar-black-sheep[A guest review by my good friend Bar Bar Blake Sheep]
Last Saturday, some friends and I visited the much acclaimed Bar Bar BlackSheep in Riebeeck Kasteel for a birthday lunch. We booked in advance, and were really looking forward to our meal after reading some great reviews online. On arrival, the setting and atmosphere were great, and we were seated at a long table in a shaft of afternoon sunlight.

We started with a bottle of champagne, which arrived slightly warm and in need of an ice bucket. Easily remedied. In high spirits, we started to deliberate over the mouth-watering descriptions of meals on the menu. It took us a while to decide on what we wanted, but while placing our orders we sadly were informed that 4 of the dishes we wanted were not available (including the much-recommended lamb burger and fishcakes). Slightly disappointed, we placed orders for our second (or, in some cases, third) options.

Our anticipation built over the hour and a half it took to prepare our food, and by the time it arrived we were ravenous. After much deliberation I had decided to order the pumpkin pie – ‘sold’ by the description of the accompanying mash and gravy, and a red onion relish of some description. Neither the gravy nor the relish arrived, and when I questioned the waiter he returned with about 2 tablespoons of cold, congealed gravy in the bottom of a small cup, informing me that the red onions were “in the gravy”. Right. I’m normally not one to complain, but for R95 I figured I could at least ask for the gravy to be warmed to a pourable consistency. When the waiter returned he gave me some sort of lamb gravy in a different cup. Fortunately, I am not a devout vegetarian. Gravy aside, the pie and the mash were pretty flavourless and a bit on the cold side, but the meal had taken so long to prepare and I was so hungry at this point that complaining didn’t seem a viable option.

Besides the company, the setting and the battered onion rings, my Ba Ba Blacksheep experience was unspectacular. I couldn’t help thinking that I could have bought a tastier Woolies pie for a tenth of the price, and would have got better service from the Spur. After the hype, I was thoroughly disappointed with my meal, and a number of my fellow diners expressed dissatisfaction with theirs – particularly the birthday girl who ordered a butternut salad and received a plain salad (due to an ‘unforeseen’ butternut shortage).

The whole experience lacked polish, and I got the distinct impression that the manager had better things to do than ensure we had a great experience deserving of the hefty price tag. The only apology we received was from the waiter for the movie-length wait for the food, and for this he deducted the cost of the bottle of white wine we ordered (which, coincidentally, also arrived warm). I don’t know if the manager had taken the afternoon off to watch the rugby, or whether this is all part of the ‘laid back’ vibe, but for that kind of money I really expected something special… or average at the very least.


The Cru is dedicated to my obsession with South African wine.

I enjoy the all encompassing experience of wine – both it’s intrinsic and extrinsic values – where you were, the people you were with, the conversions, the music, the atmosphere, the occasion and of course the wine itself.

There is so much more to wine than a definitive 100 point score. Some of my most memorable wines have been seriously cheap bottles of wine shared with friends in random places and others have been vintage wines dating back to 1975 in formal settings – so to try and score the wines to give an indication of the enjoyment and sense of place in my memory would be frivolous.

I am also passionate about photography – so at times you will see me attempt to bring you the South African winescape as I see it through a lens.

I hope you enjoy having a sniff around The Cru and participate in the informal discussions we have from time to time. More importantly – I hope you try (and drink) more South African wine and tell your friends just how good it really is!

Cru Master

Wine Reviews

Red Wine

From earthy, indigenous Pinotage to sumptuous, spicy Syrah; juicy Cabernet to elegant Bordeaux blends – South Africa has a lot to offer in the red wine category!

White Wine

World class Chenin Blanc, terroir expressive Sauvignon Blanc and exquisite white blends – South African white wine is seriously good stuff.

The Wine Oracle

My cousin ‘The Wine Oracle’ shares a similar passion for wine. He resides in Cardiff, Wales and is constantly on the lookout for wines from around the world. So join him as he searches far and wide for great wines from Chile, Argentina, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and many more. I guarantee that you will enjoy his impeccable ‘international’ wine reviews – you may even find yourself having a chuckle or too!

Sparkling Wine

Bubbles captivate many a heart and so too do our very own Methode Cap Classiques and sparkling wines. There are a handful of producers who consistently make ‘bubbled’ wine worth celebrating!

Sweet Wine

Why not have a Vin de Constance or Straw Wine for dessert; and perhaps a port or sherry as a night cap – South Africa definitely has a knack for things sweet on the tongue!

Boutique Wine

Whether it’s wine made in a garage, the heart of a city or wine made with meticulous love and care on small estates – there are some enchanting boutique wines here.

Vintage Wine

Sometimes ‘patience is a virtue’ and the melody of flavours in an old wine can create music in your heart that is instantly timeless and memorable.


Whether it’s to enjoy on a lovely summer’s day, at sundowners or with a plate of sushi in the evening – sometimes Rose’ is the perfect partner.

How to improve your overall health

South African Wine has a rich history and is now consumed all over the world. Being preferred by numerous people for its taste, South African Wine also has numerous benefits on the health of the consumers.
Wine is known for supporting digestion, reason why it is consumed before, during or after a meal. Accordingly to wikipedia, Hippocrates has considered wine a part of a healthy diet, while ancient Romans have used it for medicinal purposes.
Green Coffee BeanBesides than reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes or colon cancer, South African Wine lowers the mortality rate and promotes the longevity of people who consume it regularly and moderately. Containing great amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, resveratrol, phenols, tannins and saponin, South African Wine supports the immune system, raises the good cholesterol, decreases the bad cholesterol, improves the general health and substantially prolongs life.
People who would like to become healthier should also consider using green coffee beans. Promoting the general wellbeing and helping the consumers to increase fat oxidation, green coffee beans encourage the weight loss process. Even Dr. Oz has recommended the consumption of green coffee beans to people who would like to lose weight. He has conducted a study when almost 100 volunteers had to take it for a period of two weeks without changing their habits or their daily activities.
The results have been amazing: the volunteers have lost, on average, two pounds. Green coffee beans have not just helped them lose weight, but they also have supported them to speed up their metabolism and to improve their mood as well. Furthermore, the consumption of green coffee beans has increased the cognitive performance and reduced their high blood pressure. Detailed articles read on greencoffeebeanuk.co.uk/.
Because what we want most in life is to be healthy and live longer, it is important to have an adequate diet, regular physical exercises and a normal body weight. A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. But so does green coffee beans. They are known for fighting against obesity, while they also boost the metabolism and improve the overall health.
Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry were suspected to have taken green coffee beans products to suppress their appetite and to lose weight. Their dietitians have recommended them to use green coffee beans not just due to the positive review of Dr. Oz, but also because of the fact that it has amazing results without causing unwanted side effects.
Green Coffee Bean Max contains 100% pure green coffee, no additives or preservatives, it is safe to use and it doctor endorsed. Enhancing the fat reduction, suppressing the appetite and increasing the metabolic rate, Green Coffee Bean Max is a natural product that promotes the weight loss process. Because it will reduce the body weight, the consumption of green coffee beans will assist the consumers become healthier.

Natural ways to boost the metabolism and start losing weight

Having a slow metabolism may have a huge impact on your body weight. Despite all of your efforts to lose weight, following drastic diets and training on a regular basis, you do not succeed to reduce your body weight.

According to thyrominesupplement.com Thyromine is a natural product that improves the health of thyroid gland, providing a healthy metabolism and a normal body weight. Aiding digestion and promoting the rapid excretion of cholesterol, Thyromine supports a healthy weight loss and also increases the energy levels.

thyromineThrough metabolism our body converts the foods and drinks consumed into energy. Even functions such as repairing cells, breathing or circulating blood require energy. As we age, our metabolism becomes slower and it transforms more difficult foods into energy. But certain medications, getting too little exercise, consuming too many calories, genetics and not getting enough sleep, they all contribute to a slow metabolism, facilitating weight gain.

Boosting metabolism is possible by following some simple rules. Even if you have inherited a slow metabolism, you do not have to let your genes take control over your body weight. Yes, you cannot control your gender, genetics or age, but you can certainly improve your metabolism.

Hit the gym. Have a daily routine of training exercises, find a sport that suits you and do workouts on a daily basis, because this physical activity has more benefits rather than just boosting your metabolism. Your overall health will be improved, you will start losing weight and your mood will be significantly better.

Consume fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Tuna, herring and salmon help the consumers regulate their metabolism and speed the process of losing weight. Raising the levels of “good” cholesterol, diminishing the “bad” cholesterol and balancing the blood sugar, omega-3 fatty acids are an impressive weapon against slow metabolism.

Drink green tea. Containing many antioxidants and speeding the metabolic rate, green tea is used for many years due to its benefits in weight loss. Drink five eight-ounce cups of green tea every day, have it at breakfast, iced or whatever you want it. Your metabolism will increase considerably.

Do not starve and do not follow too drastic diets. In case if you follow a diet with low calorie intake your metabolism will slow even more. You should better eat about 1,500 calories, depending on your weight, age and gender.

Do not skip breakfast. Consume a nutrient-rich morning meal, with almonds, berries, oatmeal, spinach, feta, omelet and whole grain toast, because this will give a boost to your metabolism.

Enjoy what you eat. Savor about six small meals of almost 300 calories each throughout the entire day. This way you will keep your metabolism performing at a high speed.

Consider taking Thyromine, this metabolism booster that improves the overall health. Containing natural and powerful ingredients that support the thyroid gland and the digestive system, Thyromine increases the metabolic heat energy and helps the consumers maintain a normal blood pressure.

Follow these advices and you will certainly achieve the metabolism that will enable you to lose weight in a healthy way!

The healthy methods to naturally boost the size of breast

There are many ways how you can achieve breast enhancement. Many methods, from training exercises, pills, creams, oils, devices, changes in diet and even surgery are available for ladies who wish to have bigger and firmer breasts. But finding the best way to increase the size of breast naturally, healthy and without risks may be a little challenging.

As well as is written on the site www.breastactives.org.uk Breast Actives is a breast enhancement program to obtain larger breasts in a healthy way. Involving an exercise program and a combination of natural pills and cream, Breast Actives will help you get a natural and healthy breast enhancement, without causing unwanted side effects.

breast_activesCertainly, the simplest solution to increase the size of breast is by undergoing breast augmentation procedure. This kind of surgery only takes a couple of hours, but it is expensive and there could be many complications that may seriously damage the health of the patient. The safety of woman is not quite guaranteed, the implants should be replaced after a period and it may even harm the organism.

Exercises are a much safer option that will provide you firmer breasts, with a youthful appearance. By toning your breasts with exercises you will certainly obtain a lifting effect and you breasts will appear larger. This is a healthy method that does not involve any risks, you just have to do some special exercises and you will see the results after a few days.

Massaging your breast is another natural method to increase the size of your breast. Because massage improves the circulation of blood it encourages breast growth and breast tone, and it also stimulates the regeneration of cells. Use a special cream for breast that contains natural ingredients known for increasing the size of breast. By regularly massaging your breasts, they will look firmer, you will prevent cancer development and you will even get the enhancement desired.

Supplementing with pills that contain certain herbs will accelerate the breast enhancement. Fenugreek seed, fennel seed, dong quai root and red clover are proved to increase the production of milk, to increase the size of breast and to improve the appearance of breast.

You certainly do not have to spend a fortune on a surgery to increase the size of your breast, especially when you have all these natural solutions to get larger and firmer breast. To ensure the best results, you should combine exercises, massage and pills and you will definitely obtain the enhancement dreamed.

Have a daily workout routine with special exercises designed to offer you toner and firmer breasts, massage every day with an efficient cream that promotes the blood circulation and breast growth and ingest some pills with powerful herbs that increase the size of breast.

Combining these methods will guarantee you the breast enhancement benefits expected. Breast Actives is a special program with exercises, cream and pills that provide larger breasts, shapelier breasts, with an attractive and youthful look in a healthy and natural way.

Take Breast Actives and achieve the breast enhancement desired!

Treatment for beautiful nails

Beauty is one of the concerns for all kinds of women, especially in winter when cold temperatures, wind, rain and snow threatening them shine. What you need to know is that the ritual of care should not be limited to skin, hair and body, but also the nails because they suffer in winter. Beautiful nails will be immediately noticed, but imagine what can happen when you present undone nails or skipped nail polish or even sick nail with various fungus. Here are some simple ways to protect and restore their beauty. Follow this advice and you will have beautiful nails:

zetaclear_41. Begin by removing cuticles. If you let them grow too long, they will slow the growth of the nail. No rush or cut them with scissors because they are designed to protect the nail and their cutting opens infections. Soak your fingers in a bowl with warm water and soap, and when softened cuticles, push them slightly to the nail with a wooden stick.

2. Cleaned with swab dead cells on the surface of the nail, using a circular motion.

3. To strengthen and hydrate nails, rub them with olive oil or sunflower oil, or the contents of a capsule of vitamin E.

4. To protect the nail, use only good quality paint to avoid repeated wiping with solvent. It attacks the nail structure, weakening it. Also, do not peel nail varnish, nail scratch that.

5. Nails dry, brittle, and are the result of prolonged exposure to cleaning products, dish soap, etc. Therefore, to avoid peeling and breaking them, always wear plastic gloves when using these substances.

6. A mixture of salt, a few drops of lemon juice and a little oil is particularly effective for nail shine, especially if they are discolored. After you rub this mixture, soak them in milk to nourish and moisturize.

7. Let your nails free so that these ones breathe occasionally. That means you should keep your nails too long lake. Remove it after a week and let your fingernails off a day or two.

8. Use Zetaclear – A treatment complex against nail fungus. Applied properly, this will kill fungus and restores keratin nail; is a natural and very healthy. Zetaclear is indicated in the treatment of fair and lasting nail fungus.  According to the site www.zetaclear.org.uk this product will disappear the unpleasant smell, look unsightly and otherwise, will be very beautiful hands with a neat appearance.

9. Take advantage and include in your diet Biotin/Vitamin H – can improve hair quality and these foods are: bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, peanuts and salmon. Omega 3, fatty acids – you can find it in eggs, flaxseed oil, fish, mackerel, salmon, sardines, spinach, tuna and walnuts. Protein – protein intake you find in the chicken, eggs, lean red meat, dairy products, nuts, shellfish, soy and whole grains. Vitamin A in broccoli, carrots, egg yolks, mango, oatmeal, spinach. Zinc – oyster and soy and many other foods.

Discover how to lose weight in a sweet way

Since Dr. Oz recommended on his show the consumption of Yacon root in order to assist weight loss, this remarkable plant became extremely popular. Also known as Smallanthus sonchifolius, Yacon has been used for hundreds of years for medical purposes by people in South America. Today people from all over the world consume different forms of Yacon for its amazing benefits on health.

Yacon Molasses is 100% pure organic Yacon syrup, used for its effects in suppressing the appetite, promoting weight loss, boosting the metabolism and improving the digestion.

yacon_molasses_1The benefits of Yacon do not stop here. Being a natural sweetener with a small amount of calories, Yacon root is excellent to increase the metabolic rate, to normalize the levels of sugar in blood and to regulate the bowel movements. Consumed regularly, Yacon syrup increases the metabolism and controls food cravings, helping the consumers eat less and experience the feeling of fullness for longer periods. Whenever you need a natural weight loss control visit the following website yaconmolassesinfo.com

Dr. Oz conducted an experiment when 40 women wanted to test the efficiency of Yacon syrup for weight loss. During this experiment that lasted four weeks, women were told not to change their lifestyle. 73% of them lost weight without training or following a diet.

Not just supporting the weight loss process, Yacon syrup improves the digestion. Being one of the best sources of frucooligosaccharide (FOS), it has prebiotic effects and promotes the production of good bacteria in the intestines, which support a healthy digestive system.

Yacon syrup builds up the immune system and assists the organism to fight against the bacteria and viruses. Because it regulates the blood sugar levels, Yacon is a product that may be ingested by diabetes as well. They may successfully use it as a natural sweetener, due to the sweet and rich flavor of Yacon root.

Some studies have shown that the consumption of Yacon improves the absorption of calcium in the body, due to the presence of FOS and the slight increase of stomach acids. The high amounts of fiber regulate the digestion, increasing the bowel movements and supporting the people with a slow digestion or those who are affected by constipation.

Containing a small amount of calories, Yacon root is rich in iron, contains high levels of antioxidants, it lowers the bad cholesterol in blood, therefore reduces the risk of having a heart attack, it is a good source of potassium, supports the absorption of B vitamins, supports the immune system and, despite of its sweet taste, it does not harm the teeth.

Because it suppresses the appetite and helps consumers eat less, Yacon Molasses is an amazing diet supplement. Yacon Molasses does not just assist the weight loss process, but the consumers also improve their digestion, boost their immune system and improve their overall health.

Take Yacon Molasses before every meal or you can simply add it as a sweetener in your coffee, tea or smoothies. Use Yacon Molasses syrup with a proper diet and a workout routine and you will certainly lose weight and enjoy the results soon!

Why do we need iodine?

Our attitude towards life does not depend on other people: exclusively ours. And, the way we see life is determined mostly by the things you consider most important. Many 50 years women look great now and have a very good health.

Obviously, a woman of the 21st century has enough possibilities to and influence the length and quality of life, which also depend on an active lifestyle and a more lucid towards nutrition. In other words, the foods you eat can cause us seak, from many points of view. For example, lack of iodine in food can affect the immune system, cardiovascular system change activity and airways.

iodine_supplement_2Why is this happens?

There are hundreds of glands in the human body. Their goal is to produce and eliminate certain substances in the body. Glands who controls the endocrine secretion are called endocrine glands. They have the most important influence on the body. Group formed organs of the body by the endocrine glands play a huge role, for example in the formation of emotions and mood in which we find ourselves.

Chemical and physical changes which are emotions are targeted by endocrine glands of the brain. The thyroid gland is an example – is an endocrine gland that weighs 25 to 30 g – a solid formation, located just below the larynx. The thyroid gland actively absorbs iodine from the blood. Formation of thyroid hormones occurs involving iodine.

These hormones produced by the thyroid gland plays an important role: Adjust the rate of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, producing heat, affecting the activity of the cardio-vascular, respiratory, muscle contractility and fatigue, nervous excitability, resistance to infections.

The main function of the thyroid gland is the regulation of metabolic process. Increasing the amount of hormone metabolism and reduce the amount of hormones leads to slowing metabolism.

In most regions of the world, the usual food gives the body sufficient doses of iodine for normal production of thyroid hormones. The problem of lack of iodine influence on human health is among the most important and oldest studied medicine.

How to show a lack of iodine?

Concentration and attention can be reduced. A person becomes irritable, depressed, tired quickly. It may appear headaches, poor memory, intellectual deficit, reduced hemoglobin in the blood, chills and possible female menstrual irregularities.

In most cases described, the symptoms appear gradually and almost imperceptibly. Therefore, iodine deficiency is called hidden hunger. In children, iodine deficiency causes hyperactivity, excitability and mental retardation.

What can you do? First, if there is already some symptoms, doctor consultation is required – perhaps the doctor will recommend observation and treatment.

How to avoid iodine deficiency?

Well, if you want to avoid iodine deficiency you should use Detoxadine, which is composed by a glycerin and taste sweet. As is mentioned on www.detoxadine.net Detoxadine is a vegan and provides the daily requirement of iodine for the body. It can be used both in the juice we drink or even water. Supports thyroid and ensure very high immunity of any of us.

The way to happiness in bed

Numerous men are obsessed with the size of their penises. Most of the times, women do not understand this, but many men discuss on blogs, forums and websites about their penile length, where they talk about ideas on how to improve its size.

ProEnhance is remarkable penis enlargement product formulated as a patch. Being discreet, extremely easy to use and 100% natural, ProEnhance contains powerful ingredients that release gradually in the bloodstream, where they are absorbed rapidly and the effects install quickly. ProEnhance provides longer and harder erections, more intense pleasure, enhanced energy levels and stamina, improved sexual drive and amazing ejaculations. Detailed and more information read on www.pro-enhance.net

proenhance_6There are many other supplements, creams, pills and different products that promise to offer penile enhancement. There are men who even choose surgery in order to increase the size of their penises.

Not surgical treatments such as vacuum developers, weights attached to the penis to stretch it, electrical or magnetic instruments to stimulate the growth of the penis, “hormone” treatments, which contain steroids or different combinations of plants that increase the size of penis are used by many men who want penile enhancement.

The surgical treatments for penis enlargement are provided in USA even since the late 1980s. The bad thing about surgery is that many men have gained some increase in flaccid length, but the erection remained almost the same.

The surgery may be performed through two techniques: placing grafts of dermis and fat within the penile shaft or with injections containing liposuctioned fat right under the skin of the penile shaft. The complications following surgery may be quite frightening: bleeding, infection, desquamation of the skin utilized to increase the penile length, loss of girth, nodule formation or even deformed appearance.

Despite all these complications and unpleasant, unwanted effects, many men decide having a surgery instead of trying natural solutions to get the penile enhancement desired. If men consider that this may be their only solution, it would be better to discuss first with a therapist, who will offer them advice and support.

Not only that surgery may cause these unpleasant complications, but it also costs pretty much and the results may be rather unsatisfying.

Before taking such a decision, it is recommended to try something less invasive which may provide amazing results.

ProEnhance is a simple patch that has to be applied on the lower abdomen for three days and the benefits provided will be simply amazing: harder and longer erections, intensified orgasms and pleasure, increased stamina and sexual energy, not to mention the amplified pleasure or the improved libido.

Take ProEnhance for a more satisfying sex life! Being a natural and risk free solution, ProEnhance does not cause unwanted side effects. Raising the libido and enhancing the potency, ProEnhance will make you more confident and you will be thrilled for finding the safest way to happiness in bed.

How to get protection against the unpleasant consequences of aging

Human Growth Hormone is a very important element of the human endocrine system. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and it is vital to promote the growth in height in children and adolescents. The presence of Human Growth Hormone in adults provides them a healthier body structure, because it is essential for many important activities.

Among other jobs, Human Growth Hormone is responsible for: reducing fat deposition, maintaining the body lean, fortifying the bone structure, encouraging a quicker nail and hair growth, improving the circulatory system, protecting the organs from the effects of aging, improving the endurance, supporting the enhancement of muscles and offering overall protection against the consequences of aging.

antlerx_5AntlerX is an efficient blend of Deer Antler velvet, minerals and essential amino acids that promote the natural production of Human Growth Hormone in the body and offer many advantages on the overall health. As is mentioned on the site www.antlerx.org AntlerX is a recommended formula for people who want to improve their strength, to build more lean muscles and to increase their vitality.

As we get older, the natural production of Human Growth Hormone is reduced and this progressive deficiency manifests as a decrease in lean body mass, increase in body fat, a reduction in bone mineral density and a worsened cardiovascular system. Even more, we will begin to feel and look older.

In this circumstances it is important to improve our lifestyles, because stress, phisical activity, emotional excitement, aging and nutrition influence the amount of Human Growth Hormone production.

Although the deficiency of HGH, if detected with special tests, may be treated with daily injections with HGH, numerous studies have been conducted in order to prove that replacement therapies are also beneficial.

There are many successful ways to improve the natural production of Human Growth Hormone. The high intensity burst training is one of the most effective ways. The rapid twitch muscle tissue causes the natural production of HGH, due to the rise of heart rate during the workout.

Having a proper sleep of about 8 hours per night seems to improve the production of HGH. Consumption of foods rich in protein also assist the natural boost of HGH, but it is important to avoid the intake of too many carbohydrates or sugar in order to not inhibit HGH from performing its functions.

Supplements with melatonin or vitamin D improve the release of HGH in the body, while the intake of Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Lysine taken before training or sleep have been proved to improve the HGH production by up to 700%.

AntlerX is a powerful product with Deer Antler velvet, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine and other efficient substances, formulated as an oral spray and having amazing effects in promoting the natural production of Human Growth Hormone in the body, but also increasing the lean muscle mass, raising the energy levels and improving the endurance of the body.

Promoting the performance and strength, increasing the weight loss, improving the metabolism and enhancing the size of muscle mass, AntlerX is a remarkable formula that promotes the overall health and offers protection against the unpleasant consequences of aging.