Entries from May 2007

Wacky Wine Weekend

Date May 29, 2007

It’s the Wacky Wine Weekend this weekend ( 1-3 June, 2007) and it promises to be a cracker of an event.
Wacky Wine Weekend
There really isn’t any excuse for any wine lover (and indeed non-lover) not to attend this zany weekend of fun and entertainment.
There really does seem to be something for everyone - wine tasting [...]

South African Wine Related Stories

Date May 29, 2007

Here are a few South African wine related stories appearing out there in the blogosphere - and one or two other cool little pieces worth reading:
No Sulphur Added - Jamie Goode
Journey’s End - Winefly
5 Silvers, but no Decanter Gold’s - Pete May
Make your own wine, plug in the Winepod - Cherryflava
Selling and Marketing not the [...]

Shawza Life

Date May 25, 2007

You know the one thing I really love about blogging and social media in general - is that it gives you a voice, no matter who you are.
Sure your voice has to be strong and credible if you want to be recognized and respected - but you know even if you don’t want it be [...]

Is South African Wine Rocking in the UK?

Date May 23, 2007

I have recently returned from a two and a half week trip to the UK.
Part of my ‘mission’ and excitement while over there, was to check out how South African wine was doing in amongst the shelves upon shelves of wine from around the world in the various UK outlets.
The overall result for me was [...]

One Hundred Posts Old

Date May 22, 2007

As of this post - The Cru is 100 posts old.
I know that the last part of this century (through the circumspect 90’s) has been a little slow without much ‘batting’ so to speak - I promise that the next 100 posts are going to be smashing you to all corners of the wine field!
I’m [...]