Entries from October 2007

Wine Acquisition Road Trip

Date October 31, 2007

The Muso and I decided to embark on a ‘Wine Acquisition Road Trip’ this past Saturday - which I suppose is always a little dangerous the day after payday!
It was a fantastic day out and possibly the thing I love doing the most in Cape Town - and in the Muso’s own words:
“It’s days like [...]

Lovely Lismore Chardonnay 2006

Date October 30, 2007

Blake, a good friend of mine, came over for dinner the other night armed with a really special bottle of wine he had picked up at Lisa’s Little Wine Shop in Kalk Bay.
Lismore Chardonnay 2006
This wine had a sublime mix of the following interesting flavours - lemon meringue pie, toasted almonds and maple [...]

The Wine Oracle answers his calling!

Date October 29, 2007

Paul Jaboulet Cotes du Rhone Parallele 45
Dear Crumaster,
Flush with meagre profits derived from www.ty-afan.co.uk - Mandy decided to take me out to our favourite restaurant, The Egerton Grey.
After pre-dinner drinks in the Piano Room and a butchers at the recent photograph of HRH and Camilla standing beside the Hotel owners, I was offered the [...]

The Cru - A Year Old

Date October 26, 2007

It came and went like a non-event without me even knowing!
On the 4th October 2007 - The Cru had it’s first birthday!
Let’s cast our minds back to the first post on The Cru for a moment.
I guess from now on we will all be able to talk in vintages when we speak of The Cru [...]

Hermanuspietersfontein - can you pronounce that?

Date October 25, 2007

Last night I shared two great bottles of wine with a good friend of mine Bar Rat - who I might add has just got engaged and sent a ‘pressure-cooked’ Wine Oracle running for the hills.
He had acquired the so said wines from a rather dubious garage sale for mere pittance!
Hermanuspietersfontein Kleinboet 2005
I love it [...]