Entries from November 2007

Cru Images : Waterford Cellar

Date November 30, 2007

Cru Images will be coming to you every Friday from now on - they will all be wine related photo’s that I have taken myself.

Are you old school or new world?

Date November 30, 2007

If you were to sit down to your last dinner and were offered one last bottle of wine from anywhere in the world - what would that wine be and why?
Additionally - if two sommeliers, namely Robert Parker and Hugh Johnson, approached your table to offer you advice - who’s suggestions would you take most [...]

Some interesting views from fellow bloggers

Date November 28, 2007

Part of my daily ‘routine’ involves a trawl through some of the brilliant wine blogs from around the world. As a person who is still very much on a journey of ‘discovery’ - they offer a wealth of interesting facts, figures, views, opinions and general commentary on wine (from around the world).
Here are two interesting [...]

Getting the best out of South African wine.

Date November 26, 2007

In a “state of the nation” type address - Michael Fridjhon gives us an insight into the state of South African wine, how far it’s come and it enormous potential.
Getting the best out of South African wine - International Herald Tribune
“Taste a tender, apricot- and pear-scented chenin blanc, or a cherry- and mocha-nuanced pinotage. Follow [...]

Cru Images

Date November 23, 2007

“Blurry Ray Row”