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Guess Who?

Date February 28, 2008

The person in the picture with me is Mbhazima Shilowa - Premier of Gauteng. What a wonderful man with an enormous amount of charisma and charm. It was a real pleasure and honour to share a glass of wine with him!
Yesterday, I shared some stunning wine with a rather important South African dignitary.
I’d like you [...]

Quiz Time : Answer

Date February 27, 2008

The answer to yesterdays ‘Quiz Time’ question is:
Mascara in Algeria
“Algeria is one of the oldest wine producing countries of the world. The Romans used Algeria as their breadbasket as well as their vineyard, prolonging a history of viticulture, which began before the Roman Empire. ”
You can read more on the region by clicking on the links [...]

Quiz Time

Date February 26, 2008

Right here is your first trivia question of a new theme on The Cru titled - “Quiz Time”
The hope is that the weekly triva questions will help you and I broaden our knowledge of wine. The idea is for you to research and then try answer the question before the answer is revealed the following day!
So here goes:
What wine growing region [...]

The Facebook of Wine

Date February 22, 2008

I read an article from Spittoon showcasing a new social networking site dedicated to the wine world:
OpenWine Consortium
It’s basically Facebook for wine lovers - so I joined without hesitation!
Here is my ‘Profile Page’ so go ahead and ‘friend me up’ I suppose!

View my page on OpenWine Consortium  

Cru Images

Date February 20, 2008


Warwick Wine Estate - ‘Disappear’
(I took this pic this morning and love how the vineyard disappears into the dark bottom right corner)