Entries from April 2008

Cape Town to Buenos Aires

Date April 29, 2008

Anecdotes of the first leg of my trip. 
4am: I wake rather dusty eyed to a rather abrupt alarm.
5am: Check into first leg of journey - Cape Town to JHB.
8am: Arrive in JHB and spend the next two hours having one cup of coffee, seeking out a pack of chewing gum and buying a pen. Amazing [...]

Cru Times

Date April 23, 2008

Here are two interesting news pieces from around the wine world (click on the links to read the full stories):
An Exorbitant Quaff
A Beijing-based billionaire has splashed out a record $500k on 27 bottles of red wine.
Apparently the bottles have been purchased with the intention of drinking them! Would you like that Burgundy with a dash [...]

I’m off to Argentina and Chile

Date April 14, 2008

On the 29th of April I am heading off to Argentina and Chile for a month (two weeks in each country).
I’ve always wanted to visit South America and this will be my first time on the continent - so I’m really looking forward to it.
Now part of my expedition will include eating as much beef [...]

Boland Kelder Shiraz

Date April 8, 2008

I was very excited to taste theses next three wines for two reasons. One, there has been much said of Shiraz from the Paarl region and two, these examples all come from Boland Kelder and it will be interesting to see how they differ given their style, vintage, perceived esteem, where they come from on [...]

Jancis Robinson speaks out about South African Wine

Date April 4, 2008

Here is a great article that my good friend Matt Verbaan sent me:
Jancis Robinson - South African stars, served on a ‘Platter’
Take a read - it’s nice to see such a prominent figure in wine giving South African wine some praise and also highlighting where it lacks in presence and what needs to be done [...]