Entries from April 2009

Solms Delta Oesfees 2009 - an absolute triumph!

Date April 20, 2009

The Solms Delta Oesfees 2009 was nothing short of amazing.
In only it’s second year of existence it was even bigger and better than last year - which is quite something because last year was phenomenal.
It’s one of those cultural celebrations that really shouldn’t be missed by those in and around the area at the time.
My [...]

Two Oceans Half Marathon 2009

Date April 14, 2009

It is done and dusted.
Despite suffering from chronic ITB - I managed to finish the Two Oceans Half Marathon 2009 and now I can relax and enjoy copious amounts of good wine!
Congrats to the following noble friends of mine for enduring what no human should really:
Kylis, Tess, Blake, Craig Campbell and Em Dog.
Till next [...]

A quick update on the South African Harvest 2009.

Date April 7, 2009

Apparently 2009 is going to be an outstanding year for both red and white wine from South Africa.
This is according to Erhard Wolf, head of Distell’s (DST) grape and wine buying team:
“Although this has been a tough vintage in terms of logistical challenges, both red and white varieties have come into the cellars in top [...]

A great crowd pleasing little shiraz.

Date April 3, 2009

I love it when you stumble upon a great little bottle of wine when before drinking it you have little expectation of how it is going to taste.
The Wine Thief came over the other night and said in these exact words:
” here, I’ve become a wine snob lately so I bought this little shiraz from [...]