Entries from June 2009

Long live the King of Pop.

Date June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009
A sad day indeed - what a legend.
I’m going to crack open a great bottle of wine and listen to Billie Jean all night in tribute.

I’ve added some deserving blogs to the blogroll

Date June 25, 2009

Here is a list of blogs I have been reading lately:
Relax with Dax
Dax loves social venues in Cape Town and reviews them here in his own brilliant way.
Rossouw’s Restaurants
Rossouw’s Restaurants is an independent, “tell it like it is” commentary on the South African restaurant scene.
Under the Influence Blog
If you haven’t met the “Wine Bandits” yet [...]

A simple risotto recipe and an amazing South African Chenin Blanc

Date June 19, 2009

The other day I cooked risotto for the first time.
I love cooking but I must admit - I find the idea of risotto rather unappealing - I think it has a lot to do with the texture of the dish.
Nevertheless - I attempted one the other night using this simple Jamie Oliver Risotto Recipe and [...]

The best day in the winelands?

Date June 11, 2009

A guest post by one lucky little BarRat: 
The best day in the winelands?
Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. In fact it was such a good day, that I challenge you to top this for a winelands excursion. Where to start? Ah yes, a little round of golf at De Zalze, one of the [...]

Under the Influence : Winter Wine Tastings

Date June 10, 2009

Under the Influence has just launched it’s amazing Winter Wine Experiences - and they promise to be really amazing evenings.
I’ve been to a couple of the tastings and if you have yet to experience the sheer passion and knowledge of Allister “The Nose” Kreft - then you’re in for a treat.

He brings the subject of [...]