Boplaas Cape Tawny Port

Date May 11, 2010

Last night it was raining and cold.

Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure had just started on DSTV and inspired by their antics I reached for my only bottle of port and had more than just one delicious night cap!

Boplaas Cape Tawny Port NV

A soul soothing blend of fruity, brandied ‘Christmas cake mix’ flavours with a distinct almond like finish. The colour a rich, burnt orange/hazel/brown glaze and a nose so intoxicating it will make you think you’re going nutty.

It can rain all winter as far as I’m concerned!

When my bottle runs out I’ll just get another one - they retail for about R85 a bottle - which is a steal for this level of quality.

7 Responses to “Boplaas Cape Tawny Port”

  1. Affieplaas said:

    Ja, boet, that Boplaas Cape Tawny is a winner in this lekker Kaapse weather! But, try it next time chilled as an accompaniment with spicey grilled duck breast or pork-loin stuffed with apricots! But to really blow your mind nuggets, try a chilled Noble Late Harvest (Delheim, Paul Cluver perhaps) with a big-fat well-aged T-bone steak!
    Going to knock over a bottle of El Bandito Chenin, Lammershoek Syrah and Boplaas Reserve Muscadel with some mates tonight to celebrate the winter rains!

  2. Cathy said:

    Hi Brendan, You should also try De Krans Tawny - 5 stars and worth every one of them. Or the KWV - perfectly good and really rather nice with proper French Onion Soup. When you think that the De Krans port is more than 8 years in barrel and still only costs in the R60’s or R70’s I wonder if this is the best value wine style in SA at the moment??

  3. Cru Master said:

    @affieplaas - those are some of the best wine and food pairing ideas i’ve heard for a while - will most def give them a crack! thanks.

    @cathy - ill be buying a bottle of the de krans on the way home today thanks! and you are right, our ports offer amazing value.

    ps. whats happening with the PORT naming rights issue - when does the use of the name have to fall away?

  4. Neel said:

    I had some Boplaas Cape Tawny Port with boontjiesop. Itw as a perfect match. Had to refill my soup plate often……./

  5. Affieplaas said:

    Thanks boet, my plesier! More folk should try the Cape’s Ports, Muscadels and Noble Lates, as the well made examples are on par with the best the world can offer!
    I’ve heard say that the naming issue is a bit up in the clouds, but it’s apparently slated to change in 2012 and you’ll see the Boplaas, DeKranz and a few others already labelled with the pre-fix Cape followed by the appropriate Port style.
    Going to have to scratch around a bit in the cellar for a bottle of Cape Vintage to go with my waterblommetjie bredie over the weekend in the wet Swartland.

  6. De Krans Cape Tawny Port | The Cru said:

    [...] The other day I wrote a post about the night I spent with Boplaas Cape Tawny Port - you can relive that magic here. [...]

  7. Kate said:

    Oz and James’ Big wine adventure has to be one of my favorite shows on DSTV- love them, one of the only entertaining programs left on BBC Lifestyle

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