Tips for helping your garden survive during a drought

The worst thing for a gardener is to see how their beautiful garden starts to deteriorate in drought
conditions. It is also important to remember to use water wisely and effectively and not to waste
such a precious resource. There are a few ways you can help your garden survive during a drought.
Collecting your own water
Don’t rely on the city’s supply of water; think about getting yourself a rain barrel to catch any rain
that falls. A rain barrel is a water tank that collects and stores rainwater runoff. The water is
collected from the rooftops via pipes.
Consider using greywater in your garden. This water can be from your bath, shower or washing
machine. Kitchen water can sometimes have a high amount of fat in the water from the dirty dishes,
so it is not advisable to use this on the plants as it might damage them.
A few advantages of using grey water:
 You re-use up to 80% of your water, making it cost effective
 Helps you use less water and you therefore avoid any penalties on water restrictions
 It helps to recharge the groundwater
 You are using less fresh available drinking water
Keeping that moisture in
To help prevent excess moisture from evaporating into the air, try to add some mulch to you garden.
The mulch helps to keep the soil cool and retain the moisture better. The mulch can also help to
prevent any weeds from growing. You can use a variety of mulch such as:
 Straw
 Wooden chips
 Grass clippings
If you are in any doubt what type to use, ask your local nursery or garden services what would be
best for you to use.
Provide shaded areas
This is a simple way of helping your garden to survive a drought, provide shade. You can put up some
umbrellas or build a shaded covering for the garden, especially for the hottest part of the day.
Using a drip irrigation system
This system just might work to help your garden survive a drought. The drip system basically
provides your plants with water directly to the root system. There is no water lost and it does not
use a lot of water to be effective.
When to water?

The ideal time to water your garden is in the early morning. The sun is not up yet to evaporate the
water straight away and this helps the plants absorb the water better. Watering at night might not
be such a great idea as the water can sit on the plants for too long. This can cause fungal growth and
disease in the plants.
Remove those weeds
I hate weeding, but it has got to be done. Weeds can soak up moisture and nutrients that your
plants need. Mulching does help, but ensure you remove any weeds if they pop up.
You may feel helpless when it comes to dealing with a drought situation, especially when water is
scarce. But there is hope; you can help your garden survive during a drought by following some of
these basic tips.