The Cru is dedicated to my obsession with South African wine.

I enjoy the all encompassing experience of wine – both it’s intrinsic and extrinsic values – where you were, the people you were with, the conversions, the music, the atmosphere, the occasion and of course the wine itself.

There is so much more to wine than a definitive 100 point score. Some of my most memorable wines have been seriously cheap bottles of wine shared with friends in random places and others have been vintage wines dating back to 1975 in formal settings – so to try and score the wines to give an indication of the enjoyment and sense of place in my memory would be frivolous.

I am also passionate about photography – so at times you will see me attempt to bring you the South African winescape as I see it through a lens.

I hope you enjoy having a sniff around The Cru and participate in the informal discussions we have from time to time. More importantly – I hope you try (and drink) more South African wine and tell your friends just how good it really is!

Cru Master