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I need a wine decanter

Date February 17, 2010

I need a wine decanter - the plastic jug at home is tainted with traces of JIK and Handy Andy so I’m in the market for one.
So what should I go for -  I’m looking for some advice because there some weird and wonderful designs out there, all at varying price points.
Is it even necessary [...]

Wine Wipes : for people with red teeth!

Date August 4, 2009

I occasionally suffer from red teeth when I drink red wine - I have no idea why it happens to some people and not to others.
I remember asking the question a while ago and got some sarky replies here.
Well it seems there is a solution - albeit a rather metro one.
Wine Wipes
“Whether you call it [...]

Strange Wine Carafes

Date July 10, 2009

This is by far the weirdest looking collection of wine carafes I’ve ever seen:
Strange Carafes
Funky and very cool in design but I’m not sure if they would be very functional.
What do you think - would you get one?

World’s Most Complicated Corkscrew

Date March 16, 2009

This - my friends - is the World’s Most Complicated Corkscrew.

It not only opens your bottle of wine - but pours the wine for you! I’d buy one!
(Thanks to my brother Matthew for sending this to me)

Wine Wedges

Date August 8, 2007

I like these - perfect for your kitchen counter or somewhere in the lounge - and it needn’t be wine that you stack.
Check them out here
Now I wonder who’s going to be clever enough to get the license to sell them here in South Africa.
Thanks to the Don for sending in this link.
Cru Master