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Finally : Wine Magazine has a new website!

Date March 5, 2009

Wine Magazine has a new website and it’s a fresh new change that is long overdue.
New Wine Magazine Website
In my opinion its a great new design  - clean and bright - conveying a fresh new start.
What do you think?

The Facebook of Wine

Date February 22, 2008

I read an article from Spittoon showcasing a new social networking site dedicated to the wine world:
OpenWine Consortium
It’s basically Facebook for wine lovers - so I joined without hesitation!
Here is my ‘Profile Page’ so go ahead and ‘friend me up’ I suppose!

View my page on OpenWine Consortium  

Snooth -the online sommelier?

Date June 6, 2007

A little post on the innovation side of wine - Snooth a wine recommendation platform has gone into private beta (which means they still doing a little testing but you welcome to get involved)
Snooth claims to “understand your personal taste in great detail and is enabled to recommend the wines that are best-suited to you”.
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