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Old Habits Die Hard

Date September 4, 2007

In what has become a little tradition - last Friday, the Muso and I headed down to our favourite little wine shop (Vino Pronto) after work to grab something nice for a familiar evening of music and wine with the normal entourage of friends.
As we sipped on three really lovely wines from Glen Carlou (in [...]

Get Wine - Naked & Personalised

Date August 15, 2007

I have ordered a fair amount of wine from this little gem of a supplier/retailer/provider of good things:
Get Wine specializes in unlabelled & labelled wines at great prices -more often than not you can pick up a bottle for up to 70% off the normal retail price - which for me is a bargain of [...]

Winemaker’s Choice

Date July 18, 2007

I love Winemaker’s Choice - it’s the kind of award that appeals to me.
A select bunch of winemaker’s get together once a year and sit around a table to talk about and discuss the wines that are there to be judged.
It’s a fair and unbiased system - where once discussed, wines are put to the [...]

Winesense and Shiraz/Syrah

Date April 16, 2007

Last Wednesday I attended a Shiraz/Syrah tasting at the ever impressive Winesense.
It was a small but very interactive and informative affair - with no more than 8 people and a whole shop of wine to ourselves.
Ginette de Fleuriot (CWM) was very impressive - her knowledge of the subject and the way in which she interacted [...]