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Wine Routing: Two Estates You Should Visit

Date June 23, 2010

Last Saturday I went wine routing with some good friends and ashamedly it’s been a while since I’ve done so.
Which is criminal if you think about it - I live on the doorstep of some of the most spectacular wine scenery in the world. I have an excuse though - for the last year I [...]

Fairview proves that wine and cheese are a perfect match

Date April 7, 2010

On Monday Lovely Lis and I took a drive out to the winelands to have some lunch and wine.
After stopping at about four estates who were all closed for the Easter weekend we decided to hot-foot it to Fairview - which we knew would be open. On the way there we passed Warwick which looked [...]

Shawza Life -Wine Tripping

Date August 5, 2008

My brother Craig run’s a blog called Shawza Life through which he explores his passion for food and the occasional drink - well, being a student I suppose it’s more than the occasional drink!
In his latest post he gives a rather candid account of a wine trip he and all his university friends went on [...]