How to get protection against the unpleasant consequences of aging

Human Growth Hormone is a very important element of the human endocrine system. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and it is vital to promote the growth in height in children and adolescents. The presence of Human Growth Hormone in adults provides them a healthier body structure, because it is essential for many important activities.

Among other jobs, Human Growth Hormone is responsible for: reducing fat deposition, maintaining the body lean, fortifying the bone structure, encouraging a quicker nail and hair growth, improving the circulatory system, protecting the organs from the effects of aging, improving the endurance, supporting the enhancement of muscles and offering overall protection against the consequences of aging.

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As we get older, the natural production of Human Growth Hormone is reduced and this progressive deficiency manifests as a decrease in lean body mass, increase in body fat, a reduction in bone mineral density and a worsened cardiovascular system. Even more, we will begin to feel and look older.

In this circumstances it is important to improve our lifestyles, because stress, phisical activity, emotional excitement, aging and nutrition influence the amount of Human Growth Hormone production.

Although the deficiency of HGH, if detected with special tests, may be treated with daily injections with HGH, numerous studies have been conducted in order to prove that replacement therapies are also beneficial.

There are many successful ways to improve the natural production of Human Growth Hormone. The high intensity burst training is one of the most effective ways. The rapid twitch muscle tissue causes the natural production of HGH, due to the rise of heart rate during the workout.

Having a proper sleep of about 8 hours per night seems to improve the production of HGH. Consumption of foods rich in protein also assist the natural boost of HGH, but it is important to avoid the intake of too many carbohydrates or sugar in order to not inhibit HGH from performing its functions.

Supplements with melatonin or vitamin D improve the release of HGH in the body, while the intake of Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Lysine taken before training or sleep have been proved to improve the HGH production by up to 700%.

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Promoting the performance and strength, increasing the weight loss, improving the metabolism and enhancing the size of muscle mass, AntlerX is a remarkable formula that promotes the overall health and offers protection against the unpleasant consequences of aging.