Why do we need iodine?

Our attitude towards life does not depend on other people: exclusively ours. And, the way we see life is determined mostly by the things you consider most important. Many 50 years women look great now and have a very good health.

Obviously, a woman of the 21st century has enough possibilities to and influence the length and quality of life, which also depend on an active lifestyle and a more lucid towards nutrition. In other words, the foods you eat can cause us seak, from many points of view. For example, lack of iodine in food can affect the immune system, cardiovascular system change activity and airways.

iodine_supplement_2Why is this happens?

There are hundreds of glands in the human body. Their goal is to produce and eliminate certain substances in the body. Glands who controls the endocrine secretion are called endocrine glands. They have the most important influence on the body. Group formed organs of the body by the endocrine glands play a huge role, for example in the formation of emotions and mood in which we find ourselves.

Chemical and physical changes which are emotions are targeted by endocrine glands of the brain. The thyroid gland is an example – is an endocrine gland that weighs 25 to 30 g – a solid formation, located just below the larynx. The thyroid gland actively absorbs iodine from the blood. Formation of thyroid hormones occurs involving iodine.

These hormones produced by the thyroid gland plays an important role: Adjust the rate of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, producing heat, affecting the activity of the cardio-vascular, respiratory, muscle contractility and fatigue, nervous excitability, resistance to infections.

The main function of the thyroid gland is the regulation of metabolic process. Increasing the amount of hormone metabolism and reduce the amount of hormones leads to slowing metabolism.

In most regions of the world, the usual food gives the body sufficient doses of iodine for normal production of thyroid hormones. The problem of lack of iodine influence on human health is among the most important and oldest studied medicine.

How to show a lack of iodine?

Concentration and attention can be reduced. A person becomes irritable, depressed, tired quickly. It may appear headaches, poor memory, intellectual deficit, reduced hemoglobin in the blood, chills and possible female menstrual irregularities.

In most cases described, the symptoms appear gradually and almost imperceptibly. Therefore, iodine deficiency is called hidden hunger. In children, iodine deficiency causes hyperactivity, excitability and mental retardation.

What can you do? First, if there is already some symptoms, doctor consultation is required – perhaps the doctor will recommend observation and treatment.

How to avoid iodine deficiency?

Well, if you want to avoid iodine deficiency you should use Detoxadine, which is composed by a glycerin and taste sweet. As is mentioned on www.detoxadine.net Detoxadine is a vegan and provides the daily requirement of iodine for the body. It can be used both in the juice we drink or even water. Supports thyroid and ensure very high immunity of any of us.