Treatment for beautiful nails

Beauty is one of the concerns for all kinds of women, especially in winter when cold temperatures, wind, rain and snow threatening them shine. What you need to know is that the ritual of care should not be limited to skin, hair and body, but also the nails because they suffer in winter. Beautiful nails will be immediately noticed, but imagine what can happen when you present undone nails or skipped nail polish or even sick nail with various fungus. Here are some simple ways to protect and restore their beauty. Follow this advice and you will have beautiful nails:

zetaclear_41. Begin by removing cuticles. If you let them grow too long, they will slow the growth of the nail. No rush or cut them with scissors because they are designed to protect the nail and their cutting opens infections. Soak your fingers in a bowl with warm water and soap, and when softened cuticles, push them slightly to the nail with a wooden stick.

2. Cleaned with swab dead cells on the surface of the nail, using a circular motion.

3. To strengthen and hydrate nails, rub them with olive oil or sunflower oil, or the contents of a capsule of vitamin E.

4. To protect the nail, use only good quality paint to avoid repeated wiping with solvent. It attacks the nail structure, weakening it. Also, do not peel nail varnish, nail scratch that.

5. Nails dry, brittle, and are the result of prolonged exposure to cleaning products, dish soap, etc. Therefore, to avoid peeling and breaking them, always wear plastic gloves when using these substances.

6. A mixture of salt, a few drops of lemon juice and a little oil is particularly effective for nail shine, especially if they are discolored. After you rub this mixture, soak them in milk to nourish and moisturize.

7. Let your nails free so that these ones breathe occasionally. That means you should keep your nails too long lake. Remove it after a week and let your fingernails off a day or two.

8. Use Zetaclear – A treatment complex against nail fungus. Applied properly, this will kill fungus and restores keratin nail; is a natural and very healthy. Zetaclear is indicated in the treatment of fair and lasting nail fungus.  According to the site this product will disappear the unpleasant smell, look unsightly and otherwise, will be very beautiful hands with a neat appearance.

9. Take advantage and include in your diet Biotin/Vitamin H – can improve hair quality and these foods are: bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, peanuts and salmon. Omega 3, fatty acids – you can find it in eggs, flaxseed oil, fish, mackerel, salmon, sardines, spinach, tuna and walnuts. Protein – protein intake you find in the chicken, eggs, lean red meat, dairy products, nuts, shellfish, soy and whole grains. Vitamin A in broccoli, carrots, egg yolks, mango, oatmeal, spinach. Zinc – oyster and soy and many other foods.